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What is sphincter preservation surgery for Rectal Cancer?

Surgeons frequently remove both the rectum and the anus from patients who have colorectal cancer in the lower portion of the colon. The patient usually requires a permanent colostomy if the anus is removed; permanent colostomy is an opening from  which faeces is collected in a bag that is fastened to the abdominal wall. Surgery…

Relevance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Each year, October is breast cancer awareness month, a campaign to educate people about breast cancer. It is one of the commonest cancer in India. Breast cancer is defined by unrestrained development of cells, which leads to formation of swellings within the breast. If not spotted early, it can spread to…

Appendicitis Surgery in Chandigarh | Appendicitis Treatment, Doctor in Chandigarh

Appendix Treatment Doctor in Chandigarh Emergency Surgery: Appendicitis should never be ignored   Appendicitis Surgery in Chandigarh – Appendicitis happens if your appendix becomes irritated or infected; it is commonly called acute appendicitis. The appendix is a small tube-shaped organ affixed to cecum, a part of the large intestinal tract on the right lower abdomen.…

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