Patient Stories

This is what the patients have to say after undergoing treatment for their ailments.

In 2013, my husband was diagnosed with cancer of the rectum. Dr. Kapoor was the first person we consulted for the treatment that was involved to cure the problem and till date we consider him the best since the cancer was successfully treated. From our experience, I must say that Dr. Kapoor’s approach towards his work is totally professional and he does not believe in shortcuts.

Moreover, we find him very approachable and easy to discuss with. You can clearly make out the urge in him to learn about latest techniques and procedures which benefits the patients. Undoubtedly, he is an extremely competent surgeon but along with that a good motivator, very humane and an extraordinaire wordsmith and definitely knows how to enjoy little things in life. My husband loves his smile which spreads an aura of postivity around him. Wish he continues this noble job for which he has been chosen by almighty.

Bindoo Chadha

The moment I stepped into Dr. Rajiv’s office, I knew I will be alright and nothing will happen to me. Such was the aura of faith, affection around him. He is a very good surgeon, that is how I am here writing all this. He is full of knowledge about his profession and makes you understand about your problem. When you are with him you feel you are the only patient he is treating. I am sure in the future he will bring futher honor to his profession. I wish him success always and I wish God will make more doctors like him.

Jangveer Guron

Extremely capable doctor and all the more extremely nice person who has vast knowledge of his subject. With him you are always in safe hands. Rarely one has heard about painless fistula surgery but I have experienced that. Wonderful human being and surgeon.

Aditi Sharma

A doctor who treats his patients like no other . Always smiling and extremely helpful and a doctor who s rare to find in todays time and age – someone we can trust blindly and to whom we can go back to for advice at any hour and we are sure to get the right opinion from @ Dr. Rajiv kapoor – thank you for always being for us and our families !

Nupur Singh

Extremely nice person and even nicer doctor who explains the problem in detail and very calmly with a smile. Perfect surgeon. Highly recommended. He was a Professor of Surgery in Christian Medical College in Ludhiana when he treated me for road traffic mishap. My school three wheeler overturned and I needed emergency surgery, almost 18 years ago!! Road traffic accidents are a bane of our society as the emergency retrieval and resuscitation in the first hour after trauma is the key! Luckily I was brought in well in time, taken to theatre in couple of hours and my internal bleeding was stopped! I live to write this note. I am now in a job, married and have a child. Thanks Sir!

Anjali Gupta

Dr.Kapoor is the best doctor and person so far I met. He has comprehensive knowledge about his field. He never give up on his patients. As far as my experience is concerned, I met with a very serious accident and due to which I suffered from multiple injuries, chances of recovery were nearly zero. But he and his team handled my case in an excellent manner. Now i am living a normal life and i am not even taking any medicine. Beside all this, he always encouraged me and kept my moral up during recovery period. I strongly recommend his name to anyone suffering from any surgical and medical problem of his known field, as he is the doctor to be trusted.

Amarjyoti Bajwa

Dr Kapoor is an exceptional surgeon and a great motivator for the patient. His ways of handling are very comforting and assuring of well being. His friendly manner of dealing is praiseworthy and helps in extracting the absolute faith from the patient. He creates a bond that seems to last for ever. Though I don’t know many but for sure there can’t be any better colorectal surgeon around. He is actual hand of God for us. God bless and best wishes to Dr Rajeev Kapoor.

Rajeev Kumar

Major breakthrough with Innovative techniques used for treatment – Thanks and Well Done!

Neelam Pathak

Best Doctor and half of disease is gone with his warm and caring nature…

Arvind Gulati

First and foremost, thank you for making me feel so much better.” Thanks for your good care and concern.. Your reassuring words put me at ease and helped me gain confidence. Because of you, I am doing very well. You are truly a remarkable doctor and professional that I respect and trust.