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Indian roads are cauldron of people and all sort of vehicles including animal driven carts. There are no rules followed or if they are, it is difficult to notice. One drives by instinct, imagination and trying to anticipate the other drivers minds and moves. There are no easy answers here; especially when you are driving on busy market roads. Crowds force your speed down and with the help of horns one navigates safely.

However as new roads, highways and are being built and the suburban roads evolve, driving by rules definitely help even in our country. In India too we can drive fast and highways give access to long patches of good drives but with lot of fast moving vehicular traffic. When it involves roadway safety, a lot of us think we know the basics right; look both ways, check and know your dead spots in review mirrors, do not speed up. However it’s the less known driving tips that can help us save a life – ours or yours.

One has to plan that long distance family members trip, or go for a job or purchasing in the market or summer driving vacation with the good friends. With a little bit of road safety expertise, you can help save all and sundry including your beloved ones by driving safe. Here are a few tips.

The majority of us understand the basics of auto safety and safety: do not consume and drive, do not tailgate, don’t drive when tired and always be alert. Yet there’s even more to staying secure on the road, specifically when you’re driving with children in the auto. Right here’s some lesser well-known yet incredibly important secure driving tips.

Seat belt safety and safety

Okay, so we all know we’ve got to ‘click clack, front and also back’. It means everyone in the car should be seat belted. Even children, infants, toddlers on board. Don’t ignite the engine till every person is belted up, yourself included. In a similar way, make it a guideline that seatbelts remain on up until the vehicle is turned off. Make sure children comprehend they have to keep their seatbelt on in all times.

Children to the back

According to the professionals, the safest place for kids under 12 years old is to sit in the backseat, and they should be properly restrained in an infant seat, child safety seat, or seat belt. The safest place is in the centre of the back seat. That’s since the force with which front air bags release can seriously injure youngsters in the front passenger seat. This is applicable even if the only passenger in the car is a child under 12 years.

Please keep the kiddos risk-free by guaranteeing they take a trip in a proper safety seat called child safety seat. It has to be matched to their elevation and weight of the child as well as the age.  When properly installed and used, child safety seats reduce the risk of death by 70 percent for infants and 55 percent for toddlers. Adults can protect children by wearing seat belts.

A car child safety seat should fit the child, fit the vehicle, and be installed correctly in the back seat every time it’s used. One common problem is not fastening the seat tightly to the vehicle; another problem is not fastening the harness tightly to the child.

Safe and secure loosened products

Is your car full of random scrap? An old hairbrush, cricket boots, and also the spanner that’s been missing out on from papa’s toolbox for months. To name just a few things … Time to clean up your act, due to the fact that even tiny loose products can become dangerous flying missiles in a crash. Pack things nicely into the handwear cover box or the boot, as near to the rear seats as feasible and never ever above the height of the seat. It’s also a good idea to take into consideration a freight obstacle to shield travellers from loose things in the back.

Animals take a trip in a crate or harness

Family pets count as loose items, also. Guarantee they are limited in a harness or a crate. Use a top quality, crash-tested harness, and affix the seat belt low at the pet dog’s back. This will maintain your pet in an upright setting and help stay clear of injury to their neck in a crash

Car Lights on throughout the day

Okay, so you might have jeered silently when your dad snapped his lights on prior to heading to a long drive, yet you know what? Lights on throughout the day boosts various other roadway users’ ability to see you and also assists to stay clear of road mishaps.

The majority of newer version cars are fitted with daytime running lights (DRL) which brighten immediately. If your automobile doesn’t have DRL, flick your headlights onto reduced beam when driving, any time of the day.

Keep your body parts inside the cars

A child hanging its head or limb out of the car window, flapping gleefully in the breeze is, sadly, deceiving. It might appear like enjoyable, but hanging arms, legs or head out of the vehicle window isn’t safe. Not just is it distraction for the driver, one can lose a limb if a contact is made with a moving or stationary object outside.

Kid safety when exiting the cars and truck.

Please keep the safety lock on so children cannot escape out of the car on their own will. When it’s time to leave the vehicle, a grownup should aid the youngsters to get out on the kerbside. If you are solo parenting with an infant and also a toddler, get the infant out initially and also securely into their stroller. This is due to the fact that children can dart onto the roadway in a flash as soon as their restraints are off.

Don’t disturb the driver

Distracted drivers are dangerous, and unfortunately can lead to many an accident. Children or mobile phones can be mighty distracting. Keep children amused with publications, iPads or audiobooks. Provide spill-proof drink containers and also snacks that will not make a mess. On longer trips, stop for normal breaks as well as urge them to extend their legs.

Use hands free for taking a call; keep it short and avoid if you can while driving.

Driveway safety suggestions

Safety around cars and trucks does not finish when you draw in the driveway. Regretfully, youngsters can be run over mainly in the driveway of their own home. Little kids generally do not recognize the threats of a moving vehicle as well as can encounter the path of an auto very swiftly indeed. Constantly hold your kid’s hand near driveways, as well as never ever allow them to be near a driveway unsupervised.

If you need to move an automobile yourself as well as you’re the only adult present, place the children in the auto with you so you know without a doubt they’re secure and safe. 

Make certain children understand that neither the driveway neither the automobile are play areas. Keep your automobile doors and windows locked at all times! Not just to stop kid play however additionally to stop auto burglary.

Don’t depend on the reversing camera

Always do a total visual check around your car before getting in and driving, even if your car has a reversing camera. Cams can have unseen areas. Wind the home window down before driving or turning around in driveways so you can likewise hear what’s taking place outside the auto.

Treat Carparks as driveways

Keep in mind, carparks are generally large driveways filled with grumpy complete strangers with questionable driving capacity and also children wanting to break away from their parents. Oversee your kids whatsoever time in parking area (and also watch out for others’ while driving). Hold their hand while strolling. Place them in the car before loading in groceries and keep them in the vehicle while discharging equipment and also placing the trolley away.


By adhering to these straightforward risk-free driving pointers, you can aid to minimise the danger to yourself and your family members when you’re out when driving and also near driveways. Road traffic accidents are the bane of any society and result in unwanted misery and death. Avoid it by being safe.

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