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Patient Testimonials

To me you are a magician Dr kapoor, the best doc . You have given me a new life. Medicines can cure, but a good doc’s inspirational words can give the strength to fight from within. Your reassuring words gave me the strength to pull through illness. As they say … An apple a day keeps a doctor away. but who wants to keep gud doctor like you at bay..? Jokes apart .. you are awesome doctor.

Rimjhim Rana

On 18 April, I was admitted to emergency of Fortis with acute pain in stomach. Dr. Rajiv Kapoor after proper diagnose conveyed that I needed immediate surgery. Thank God I went to Fortis and was treated by Dr. Kapoor. As per my perception a patient to heal needs more than a capable doctor and précised surgeon and it is the psychological support and motivation, I found all these in Dr. Kapoor. Undoubtedly the best in category and region . Thank you doctor your smile which helps us heal faster…..God bless you.

Satinder Pal Singh

The moment I stepped into Dr. Rajiv’s office, I knew I will be alright and nothing will happen to me. Such was the aura of faith, affection around him. He is a very good surgeon, that is how I am here writing all this. He is full of knowledge about his profession and makes you understand about your problem. When you are with him you feel you are the only patient he is treating. I am sure in the future he will bring futher honor to his profession. I wish him success always and I wish God will make more doctors like him.

Neelam Pathak

Dr. Rajeev Kapoor performed colorectal surgery on me to cure this fatal disease. Now its over 3 years of surgery and I am feeling absolutely perfect by health. I experienced very comfortable overall treatment in Fortis that took me almost 10 months. They have excellent team of supporting staff. I am fully satisfied with the treatment they given to me and strongly recommend Fortis hospital and Dr. Rajeev Kapoor specifically for getting treatment over there to cure such a deadly disease. I consider Dr. Rajeev the No. 1 and the best colorectal surgeon in India. Salute to his ever smiling face.


Right from the day I was diagnosed with CA, till date I feel secure in the hands of Dr Rajeev Kapoor. Apart from being a surgeon par excellence, he is totally committed to holistic approach to disease .The follow up from 2013 till date has been very smooth because he is easily approachable. His soothing words and smile helps to build a family bond with him. He is very strict as a regards patients care and cleanliness and is always eager to bring the latest updates in medical science for the benefit of patients. My self being a doctor I thank Dr kapoor for bringing positivity and confidence in me and restoring the doctor chair to me by cutting short my journey on patient seat. Good Luck Dr Kapoor.

Amarjit Singh

I was diagnosed with gall stones and needed removal of gall bladder. The surgery was performed by Dr Rajeev Kapoor. He performed key hole surgery [laparoscopic] and it was a wonderful experience. I was discharged within 24 hours and there was no pain. Dr. Rajeev Kapoor is a great person. He is very professional and a good listener. Thank you for your excellent care. I will be always grateful for having some like you close to me . Highly recommended!

Shivani Sharma