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Anal Fistula The Best Option Is Seton Surgery

An anal fistula is a little passage that communicates in between the lumen of the digestive tract and the skin near the rectum and anal canal. They’re normally the result of an infection near the anus triggering a collection of pus (abscess) in the anal glands. When the pus drains out, it can leave a tiny track behind.

Signs and symptoms of an anal fistula

  • skin irritation around the rectum
  • a continuous, throbbing discomfort that might be even worse when you take a seat, walk around, poo or coughing
  • smelly discharge from near your anus
  • passing pus or blood when you move your bowel
  • swelling as well as inflammation around your anus and also a high temperature (fever) if you have an abscess
  • difficulty controlling defecation (faecal incontinence) in some cases

Fistula could be visible as a hole in the skin near your anus, although this may be difficult for you to see on your own.

Anal Fistula

Diagnosis of anal fistula

  • a more physical as well as anal exam
  • a proctoscopy, where an unique telescope with a light on completion is made use of to look inside your anus
  • an ultrasound check, MRI scan or CT scan

Causes of anal fistulas

Most fistulas develop after an anal abscess. This will happen if the abscess does not recover effectively after the pus has receded.

Other causes of anal fistulas consist of:

  • Crohn’s disease — a long-term condition in which the gastrointestinal system ends up being involved
  • Diverticulitis– infection of the small pouches that can stick out of the side of the large intestinal tract (colon).
  • Hidradenitis suppurativa– a lasting skin condition that causes abscesses and also scarring.
  • infection with TB or HIV.
  • Complication of surgical procedure near the anus.

Treatment of anal fistula.

Anal fistulas usually call for surgical procedure as they hardly ever recover if left unattended. Since the area has lot of bacteria and cannot be rested, the post operative recovery takes time.

The main options consist of:

There are plenty of procedures advised; however the best results are with the following procedures

Fistulotomy— a procedure that involves cutting open the whole size of the fistula so it recovers into a flat scar and is done with smaller fistulas.

Seton surgery — where an a surgical thread called a seton is positioned in the fistula and left there for numerous weeks to assist healing prior to further treatment is executed to treat it or used as a cutting seton to save the sphincter damage thus preserving continence.

Patients require to remain in hospital over night after surgery, although some may require to remain in healthcare facility for a couple of days.

Important tips for Anal Fistula

  • Colorectal surgeon should be consulted sooner than later.
  • Anal fistula need surgery for treatment.
  • Multiple staged procedures (surgeries) may be required depending on the presence of pus, number of openings and history of previous surgery.
  • Loss of work days are minimal, though patient may nurse a post-operative wound which heals gradually
  • Post-operative dressings are very well managed by the patients once guided well.

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