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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Each year, October is breast cancer awareness month, a campaign to educate people about breast cancer. It is one of the commonest cancer in India. Breast cancer is defined by unrestrained development of cells, which leads to formation of swellings within the breast. If not spotted early, it can spread to other parts of the body.

Breast cancer affects females both in the established and the developing world. This cancer can arise at any age but, very common above the age of 40 years. Breast Cancer is the second most commonest cancer in women in India. The typical age of developing breast cancer is 30 – 50 years.

Risk factors:

  • Family History: Ladies whose mother or sibling had breast cancer carry a greater risk of establishing this disease.
  • Breast swellings: Women who have actually had some type of non-cancerous breast lumps are more likely to establish cancer later on.
  • Age: As women get older, they are at higher threat of breast cancer.
  • Diet plan and way of life choices: Females who smoke, eat high fat diet plan, drink alcohol are more at risk of establishing breast cancer.
  • Weight problems: Obese ladies are at a higher risk of establishing breast cancer.
  • Oestrogen exposure: Ladies who began having periods early or gone into menopause later than typical are at a greater threat of developing breast cancer.

Tips for Breast Cancer Prevention

  • It is necessary to self-examine your breasts. Ladies need to be aware as to how their breast generally feel and look. If you feel any change, then speak with your doctor.
  • It is advisable for females who are around 40 to get their mammography done. It is an easy radiographic technique which helps in detecting abnormalities in the breast tissue.
  • Addition of vegetables and fruits in your diet plan helps in keeping a healthy body weight. For new mothers, it is a good idea to breastfeed their child a minimum of for one year.
  • One should be aware about self-breast exam, beginning from 20 years of age, and regularly done each month; if there is an abnormality it should be got counter checked from your surgeon.

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