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Tips for staying Stress free during COVID-19 Pandemic

The new paradigm of working from home, short-term joblessness, home-schooling of children, and also absence of physical contact with other family members, friends as well as co-workers requires time to get used to. Adjusting to lifestyle modifications such as these, as well as taking care of the worry of contracting the virus and also stress over individuals near us who are particularly at risk or sick, are challenging for everyone.

Thankfully, there are great deals of points that we can do to look after our own mental wellness as well as to aid others who may need some added assistance as well as treatment. Below are ideas and guidance that we wish you will certainly find useful:

Keep up to date on latest information about COVID-19 Pandemic

Pay attention to suggestions and also recommendations from your national and also local authorities. Comply with relied on news channels, such as national TELEVISION as well as radio, as well as be updated with the latest news from @WHO on social networks. Look for the current information at details times of the day, one or two times a day if needed.

Reduce newsfeeds about COVID-19

Try to decrease how much you see, read or listen to information that makes you really feel anxious or troubled.

Maintain Social contacts during PAndemic

Getting in touch with friends, family and colleagues is very important. If your activities are restricted or there is a lockdown, keep in normal contact with people near you by telephone and also online channels.

Have a routine especially during lockdowns

Stay up to date with daily routines regarding possible, or make new ones. Some of them are:
• Get up and go to bed at similar times on a daily basis.
• Stay up to date with individual health.
• Consume healthy meals at regular times.
• Exercise on a regular basis.
• Assign time for working as well as time for relaxing.
• Make time for doing things you appreciate and revitalize your hobbies.

Control Alcohol and drug use

Limit the amount of alcohol you consume or don’t drink alcohol whatsoever. Don’t begin drinking alcohol if you have not drunk alcohol prior to. Avoid using alcohol and medications as a way of handling concern, anxiety, dullness as well as social seclusion. And also be aware that alcohol and also substance abuse may stop you from taking enough precautions to shield yourself again infection, such as conformity with hand hygiene.

Reduce Screen time

Understand how much time you spend in front of a tv display or your laptop or mobile phone daily. Make sure that you take regular breaks from watching screen activities.

Less Computer games

While computer game can be a way to relax, it can be tempting to spend far more time on them than typical when at home for long periods. Be sure to keep the ideal equilibrium with off-line tasks in your day-to-day regimen.

Use Social media to you advantage

Utilize your social networks accounts to advertise favourable and enthusiastic tales. Avoid misinformation any place you see it. They are also a good way to keep in touch with your family and friends

Aid others

If you have the ability to, provide support to individuals in your community who might need it, such as helping them with food buying.

Support health workers

Take chances on the internet or via your neighborhood to thank your country’s health-care workers and all those functioning to reply to COVID-19.

Do not discriminate

Worry is a normal response in scenarios of uncertainty. However sometimes fear is revealed in ways which are painful to other individuals. Rememember the following points:
• Be kind.
• Don’t discriminate against people as a result of your fears of the spread of COVID-19.
• Don’t discriminate against individuals that you believe might have coronavirus.
• Don’t discriminate against health workers. Health and wellness employees deserve our respect as well as gratefulness.

Join online Yoga or Meditation Sessions

It is a wonderful way of engaging yourself. Find out about good online teachers and enroll to participate. It will help you keep engaged, teach you how to relax and also give you a channel to express and share.

Tips for Parents:

In times of stress, it is common for children to look towards you seek more of your interest. What you can do:

  • Preserve routines as before, or produce new ones, especially if you must stay at house.
  • Discuss about coronavirus with your children in a truthful way, explaining about the disease and implications. Children are sharp and they will understand; make use of age-appropriate language.
  • Support your youngsters with at-home learning as well as make certain time is allotted for play.
  • Assist kids find appropriate ways to express feelings such as fear and also sadness. In some cases participating in an innovative activity, such as playing or storytelling, can aid you with this procedure.
  • Assist children stay in contact with loved ones members via telephone as well as online channels.
  • Make certain that your children have time far from screens daily and also spend time doing off-line tasks together. Do something creative: illustrate, create a rhyme, develop something. Cook a cake. Sing or dance, or play in your garden, if you have one.

Seek professional help

At times, it is useful to consult mental therapists and physicians especially if there is lot of anxiety and panic. Online consults can be organised and instructions can be followed.


COVID-19 outbreak may cause raised feelings of anxiety, stress and anxiety and isolation that can raise the risk of regression, material use, disengagement from treatment or non-compliance with therapy regimens. Any kind of stress and can lead to relationship problems as well as unable to deal with daily chores. DO NOT stay in high level of anxiety. Find ways as discussed and try to deal with issues. Meditation sessions can go a long way to deal with your stress. Never hesitate in seeking help or advice. Don’t isolate yourself.


This article has been developed with material collated from WHO website.

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