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Top FAQs about COVISHIeLD vaccine in India

In India, Oxford-AstraZaneca vaccine is available as Covishield and marketed by Serum Institute of India. This vaccine is being used in the National Immunisation Project for Covid-19 illness as a preventive measure. There are lot of questions being asked about the vaccine and at times preventing people from taking the vaccine. Here we try to remove some doubts about the most common questions asked about this vaccine. This data has been taken from the Vaccine Knowledge Project of the University of Oxford.

Can I take numerous different kinds of vaccines for COVID-19, to improve my safety cover?

A lot of the vaccines established until now work by similar means i.e. by making responses against a spike protein. This means vaccinating with different variations is not required, yet studies are required to see if boosters with same vaccination used on an individual work well.

Should I get the COVID-19 injection if I’ve currently had COVID-19 infection?

It is suggested that you have it, even if you have actually already had COVID-19. There is increasing proof to reveal that natural infection with COVID-19 does not lead to durable resistance. One should wait for 4 to 6 weeks before going in for your vaccination. Do consult your medical consultant if you have any further doubts.

For How much time will I be safeguarded from the infection with these covid-19 vaccines?

At this moment we cannot claim certainly; however various other vaccines using the Oxford ChAdOx1 modern technology are proven to supply immune responses that can linger for a year or even more.

Can I get COVID-19 illness from these vaccines?

None of the presently authorized injections are making use of a real-time SARS-CoV-2 infection in them; so you cannot get COVID-19 from them. It is common to get signs that really feel the like an infection for a few days after you have an injection (e.g. feeling “fluey”). This is an indication that your immune system is reacting to the injection, not that you have actually obtained a genuine infection.

Can COVID-19 vaccine impact fertility?

There is no proof that the immune feedback to coronaviruses has any influence on fertility in animals or people. Regulators have taken a look at the data meticulously from the trials and have actually not suggested any type of preventative measures for people planning to conceive.

Is the covid-19 vaccine risk-free for people with an endangered immune system (including individuals coping with HIV/AIDS, or taking immunosuppressant medications)?

The currently approved COVID-19 injections are not live injections and also are therefore safe and risk-free in immunocompromised individuals. For people that are yet to start immunosuppression treatments, best way is that they ought to be taken into consideration for inoculation a minimum of 2 weeks prior to beginning therapy as well as when possible, it is better to finish the two doses before starting immunosuppression.

Is the covid-19 vaccine safe for expecting and breastfeeding women?

Presently no particular data on the security of the offered vaccinations in nursing ladies and also their impacts on the infant are available. As breastfeeding has a great deal of benefits for both the mother and also child and also the injections are not thought about a danger to the nursed kid, breastfeeding/lactating females that are eligible can receive the vaccination.
Expecting females were not included in the scientific trials that showed the safety as well as effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccinations, although animal studies did not show any type of injury while pregnant.
The lack of sufficient evidence suggests that for now, regular COVID-19 inoculation for pregnant females is not encouraged. It should however be considered in cases where the advantage of having the injection surpasses the danger, especially in ladies that go to a high risk of exposure, like frontline workers, or those with underlying high threat health conditions.

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